Apple iPhone 5 touch panels to be supplied by TPK Holdings

Some news to come out of the Far East this morning – Taiwan based company, TPK Holdings, is set to secure 70-80% of the contract to manufacture the touch screen panels for the next generation iPhone.

According to an article on, TPK is the only company that can produce the number of panels needed for the iPhone without any downgrade in quality.

“Taipei, July 22, 2011 (CENS)–The Taiwan-based TPK Holdings Ltd., now the world’s largest touch panel maker by output, is expected to snap up 70-80% of Apple Inc.’s orders for touch panels used in the upcoming iPhone 4S, securing strong growth momentum for its profits, according to industry insiders.”

Interestingly, the report refers to the next iPhone as the “4S” and not the “5″. And that’s all it is – interesting. It’s not confirmed that the device will be called the 4S, it’s just what the manufacturing industry has been calling it since the test models showed up a couple of months back.

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