3G IPod Touch Being Advertised By Apple

There have been rumors regarding a 3G iPod Touch for a few months now, not based on anything particularly solid. There were hints in iOS 5 beta 4 that a 3G equipped iPod would be coming, but, often these hints come to nothing. (Clues in iOS 4 pointed towards an iPad 2 with double resolution display – they amounted to nothing.)

The most solid clue so far is – at time of writing – on display for all to see on the Apple website: http://www.apple.com/itunes/. (Also in the image above.)

So can we take this as confirmation that Apple will announce a 3G fifth generation iPod Touch in September? I think so. This kind of slip up is a lot more solid than evidence taken from “sources” or “people familiar with Apple”. I wonder if this is deliberate, or if someone’s going to get fired over this?

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