Sears selling iPhone clone

Oh, the infamous iPhone clone. It goes by many names – iPhoney, iFake, SciPhone, aeoqepoOPOPOPI0ERER. Wait… what was that last one?

The latest in a long line of iPhone imitators may not have the most creative name (or, really any name for that matter), but it’s been making waves across the web recently for a number of reasons. First, as far as iClones go, this one has a pretty decent set of features including a 3.5″ captive multitouch screen, dual SIM cards, and Android 2.2.

Though, more interesting than any of that is where you can actually pick one of these babies up – Sears! I mean, when you run across one of these handsets on some shady website, sold by some shady guy on eBay, or in the trunk of some shady van, it’s hardly a surprise. But Sears is a legit, reputable retailer.

So, what are they doing selling this copyright-infringement-suit-waiting-to-happen?

My only guess is that it just slipped through the cracks. Sears sells an absurd amount of products, so sometimes they’re bound to make mistakes. For their sake, though, I hope they rectify this one soon. Apple’s legal team is not known to take imitation lightly, nor are they eager to pass up some more time in court.

The whole thing is actually kind of funny. I’m sure this isn’t the last we’ve heard about this, though. So what do you guys think? Is this just a mistake, or is Facebook not the only one setting themselves against Apple this week? Share your thoughts in the comments section below

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