A recent survey by Nielsen shows that the iPad is still, by far, the dominant force in the market. With all the Android tablets being released over these past few months you could be forgiven for thinking that the Apple slate would lose grip on its market share.

It hasn’t. Out of all the people surveyed, 82% had iPads, almost split equally between the WiFi only model (39%) and the 3G (43%) version. The other 18% was made up, primarily, of the Motorola Xoom, Dell Streak and Samsung Galaxy Tab.

The survey also shed some light on tablet users’ change in habits when it came to using desktop PCs, laptops and gaming consoles. Many stated that the time spent on other gadgets had drastically reduced since the introduction of the more mobile tablet in to their lives.

For instance, one quarter of those asked use their portable gaming consoles (DS/PSP) less, or stopped using it altogether. I for one can understand this. I stopped using my notebook for gaming when I got the iPad. The chart below shows the reasons why a tablet like the iPad is often times preferable to using a PC/Mac.

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