With the current war between Samsung and Apple raging, I’d say this rumor is one of the most unlikely ones in the history of Apple iDevices.

With Cupertino suing Sammy for “copying”, I doubt very much that the Korean tech giant would ever hand over its biggest asset. Latest rumors are that Jobs&Co are trying to negotiate a deal to get AMOLED technology on the next iPad’s display.

According to the Korea Herald:

“Apple wants to tap into Samsung’s AMOLED technology for an upgraded version of the iPad2, considered as many as the iPad3 that is likely to be launched toward the end of this year. During Cook’s trip last week, Apple seems to have offered Samsung an advance for the AMOLED displays.”

There are many reasons why this would never happen. Firstly, as I mentioned earlier, the two are involved in a major lawsuit.

Secondly, Samsung’s own tablets don’t have AMOLED displays on them yet, why would the company allow Apple to be the first to market with its own technology? Thirdly, iPad 3 in 2011? Hardly. iPad 3 will not release until March 2012. There is no reason for Apple to rush out another tablet when the second generation is doing just fine.

What do you guys think about this? Probable or the weakest excuse for a rumor so far?

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