As expected, this rumor was crushed before it really had a chance to gain any momentum. It was reported that Apple is in negotiations with Samsung to bring its AMOLED technology to the iPad range.

This was never likely considering the lawsuit going on at the moment. Thankfully, some sensible sources have come out with evidence to prove otherwise. has information that is hard to argue with. The pure and simple reason Samsung won’t be dishing out 9.7″ AMOLED displays to Apple is that the company has yet to start developing them. Sammy is currently focussing on small to medium displays – on handsets like the Galaxy S II.

The Korean tech company won’t be working on displays from 6 inches and upwards until next year, which gives nowhere near enough time for Apple to get enough panels to build its next generation iPads.

The quote below comes straight from the site, you’ll have to excuse the terrible English:

“The conclusion of these hard facts are that its impossible that Samsung Mobile Display can deliver 7-9 inch OLED panels to Apple in 2011. Isuppli thinks its possible in 2013! We think it can be possible that Samsung Mobile Display can deliver million 3-4 inch panels to Apple but not millions of 7-9 inch panels in 2011/1Q2012.”

Apple IPad 3 Will Not Get AMOLED

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