Sony supplying Apple with iPhone 5 camerasIn an interview with Walt Mossberg, Sony CEO Sir Howard Stringer revealed that Sony is indeed selling cameras to Apple for the iPhone 5.

During the interview, Stringer said that due to the earthquake and following tsunami in Sendai, their best sensors may not be ready in time for iPhone unveiling.

That said camera technology is also to be used in the upcoming gaming phone, the Xperia Arc, an Android-PSP-mashup.

Currently, the iPhone’s camera is supplied by Omnivision, a company that specializes in mobile cameras. All of Apple’s iPods/iPads/iPhones have an Omnivision camera in them.

This also backs up a previous rumor that was reported by The Street back in April of last year, however the article states that it was probably for the 4th generation iPhone. Knowing Apple, they’ve probably planned way ahead and were just planning on dumping OmniVision this year.

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