Steve Jobs, Apple’s Knight In Shining Armor, Was Nearly Knighted

There’s an interesting story that was just floating around the web. Apparently, Steve Jobs was almost knighted, however the attempt was foiled by then Prime Minister Gordon Brown. The reason? Jobs turned down an invitation to speak at a Labour Party conference.

When is something not politically motivated? He was nominated for his continued work and advancement within the tech world. The former representative had this to say about Apple and Steve Jobs:

Apple has been the only major global company to create stunning consumer products because it has always taken design as the key component of everything it has produced.

No other CEO has consistently shown such a commitment.

The reasoning behind his nomination is no surprise. Even though here in the States Apple and Android are neck-in-neck, when you look at the European market, you see a completely different story.

It’s nice to see how age old politics have gotten in the way honoring somebody who deserved something good. Got to love every politician out there. Do you think Steve Jobs deserved it?

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