Ever harbor a secret fantasy of becoming a next Martin Scorcese? You’re not the only one, and more and more, people are figuring out how to make their dreams a reality, thanks to iOS.

The iPhone 4 getting an HD camera last year was huge for budding mobile filmmakers, and now with the iPad 2 and the newest update for iMovie, things have taken another leap forward.

Shooting footage entirely with iPhones and iPod Touches, the two founding partners of Majek Pictures (Anna Elizabeth James and Michael Koerbel) followed up their short film, Apple of My Eye, with a serialized movie/TV pilot called Goldilocks (with episodes distributed online and via the Majek iPhone app).

The iPad 2 is only days old, but the team’s hard work with the latest episode (#9) has already been edited with the new iMovie and uploaded to the masses.

Take a look below at the end result of what these tools can do in the hands of professionals, followed by an inside look at what it takes to put something like this together.


Episode 1 – Meet Goldilocks

Goldilocks The making of a film with iPhone 4, iPad 2 and iMovie

Episode 1 – Meet Goldilocks (Behind the Scenes)


Episode 9 – First Apple iOS movie edited on iPad 2 + iMovie … GOLDILOCKS

The making of a film with iPhone 4, iPad 2 and iMovie

For more on this project, hit up Goldilocks online here, check out their YouTube channel and/or download the free Majek app.

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