iBooks not working after jailbreak Here’s how to fix itSo, you decided to jailbreak your iPhone. Here’s your reasoning: Everything works the same, it can look the same, and you get more features.

However, if you jailbroke iOS 4.2.1 with Greenpois0n and tried to read an Apple iBook, you may have noticed a little glitch.

Here’s what probably happened: You opened up iBooks, clicked on a title and got an error that said, “There is a problem with the configuration of your iPhone.

Please restore with iTunes and reinstall iBooks.” The stuff you buy from the iBook Store is actually all DRM’d — like the apps Apple sells too. (Apple got rid of a lot of DRM from music with iTunes+.)

UPDATE: All you have to do is download Greenpois0n and re-run the jailbreak. All settings will remain the same, and it’ll be a lot easier then adding sources to Cydia.

It’s kind of a tedious process — unlike many Apple procedures which require one or two taps. But hey, at least you can read iBooks on your jailbroken iDevice now! Yay!

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