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The day that analysts have been predicting for years has finally arrived. I’m excited, and I don’t even live in the States! The iPhone 4 has been officially announced by VZW’s CEO, who welcomed Tim Cook, an Apple big cheese, on stage. The biggest reason I’m pleased about this is that now, we can all relax, without any more wondering, or pondering as to when the CDMA device would finally be released.

According to a statement by Big Red’s boss, the two companies have been in talks for the past couple of years, and the device itself has spent the last year in testing. Heaven knows how they kept that one from being found in a bar.

Rumors had been circling that the device could be an entirely new handset, designed specifically for Verizon, but apart from the CDMA compatibility it is exactly the same as the GSM variant. It’ll be available from Feb 3rd to existing Verizon customers and cost from $200 on a 24 month contract. For more details check out Adriana’s “need to know” post here.

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