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I don’t know about you, but I’m fed up of purchasing screen protectors for my mobile devices. The reason? Bubbles. I have never, not once, got it so perfect that there are no bubbles on the screen.

I’m pretty sure even on my best effort, I still had 2-3 bubbles in one corner that stubbornly resisted any attempt by me to get them flat. Enter the Moshi iVisor AG and XT.

Now you may be wondering, how on earth the screen protectors can guarantee that there will be no hideous bubbles on your screen. That’s fairly simple. It’s because the thin transparent film doesn’t actually touch your display.

Instead, the black adhesive rubber around the edges sticks to your iPad’s bezel (no glue and no residue), and the film simply hovers really close to the glass. It’s so thin, that you’ll barely notice any gap, and if you want to remove it at any time, you can – (providing you store it crease-free.)

The iVisor AG is available in both iPad and iPhone options, and is a glare-free screen protector. It will set you back $30 for the iPad version, and $20 for the iPhone 4 protection.

iVisor XT is only available for iPad, and is crystal clear, and costs $30, the same as the iVisor AG. The two iPad models are almost identical, the only difference being the material used to cover your display, to achieve your desired effect.

For more information and a more extensive gallery, check out moshimonde.com.

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