Hasbro’s My3D Will Change The Way You Look At Your IPhone 4

Hasbro, one of the leading toy manufacturers has announced plans to start producing the My3D iDevice accessory. The product resembles a pair of binoculars with a slot at the end in which to place your iPhone or iPod Touch. Unfortunately, for those who may have planned to get one by the time Santa arrives, it won’t be available until next spring, costing $30.

What the My3D “… promises three-dimensional content that offers a 360-degree experience in gaming, virtual travel experiences and entertainment content. It’s aimed at both children and adults.” This is according to a Yahoo Finance report posted this morning.

Hasbro’s My3D Will Change The Way You Look At Your IPhone 4

So, would you guys be seen anywhere near one of these things? It reminds me of those old portable computer games that you played, holding a pair of “binoculars” to your face. I don’t think I could ever be caught outside with one of Hasbro’s My3Ds, think of how idiotic you’d look. I don’t forecast a huge amount of sales for these, but, some people are bound to get excited by it.

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