Froyo (Android 2.2) On Jailbroken IPhone 3G – Installation & Demo [VID]

Froyo (Android 2.2) on an iPhone 3G? Yep — when the news broke this week that users with a jailbroken iPhone 2G and 3G could load Froyo untethered, we just couldn’t resist. So we grabbed a spare iPhone 3G and documented the steps.

In the video (toward the end, in the epilogue), you’ll see that we had a glitch — namely that our SIM card showed up as locked. Well, AT&T itself offered some help on a help page on its site:

SIM cards are locked following three successive incorrect PIN entries. To unlock your SIM card, you will need a PIN Unlock Key (PUK) code from AT&T.

You can get your PUK code online by following these steps:

A. Log in to your myWireless Account.
B. Select My Services under My Account.
C. From the My Services screen, select My Phone/Device.
D. Select Unblock SIM Card.
E. The Unblock SIM screen will display your PUK code.

Note: Do NOT attempt to enter a PUK code unless directed to do so by a Customer Service or Technical Support representative. Entering a PUK code incorrectly more than 10 times will cause the SIM card to lock permanently.

As mentioned in our vid, using the phone function to call out worked fine. Unfortunately receiving phone calls doesn’t. (Callers could hear ringing, but on our test phone, nothing showed up to tell us that a phone call was coming in.)

Is it a matter of having the SIM card in during installation? Or is it another bit of tech hackery that gets it to work? (And if you tried this, and didn’t have the glitches with the camera or calling features, definitely weigh in and let us know.)

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