How much do you love your iPhone or iPod Touch? If you are like me, you probably don’t go anywhere without it. Right? Well, now you can love it so much more, all 58 inches of it. Table Connect has outdone the iPad, and created the true iPhone on steroids.

The 58-inch iPhone is actually a giant multi-touch desk. Just plug in your jailbroken iPhone and the desk acts as a giant remote display. The table in the image above is just a mock up, but Table Connect says that an actual working model will be revealed on Tuesday of this week.

Also, they have assured us that this iDesk (for lack of a better name) is more than just a giant screen for Apple Fanboys that has no true purpose. The table is apparently useful for when there are many people trying to work at once on something and need a little space. I could also see being very useful for an artist, to be able to draw on their iPhone.

For all of you Fanboys drooling out there, Table Connect is an actual product that you can actually buy with actual money. There is no pricing available yet, but once the actual product is unveiled, pricing and availability will surely follow.

Only one question now remains, does buying one of these bad boys make you the Supreme Leader of all Apple Fanboy, or just a really big nerd?

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