According to J.D. Power and Associates, we don’t just like our iPhones — en masse, we adore them. It just released its fourth and latest customer satisfaction report for the smartphone industry, and Apple has edged out Motorola and HTC for the number one spot.

Ease of use, feature set and form factor were some of the major areas in which the iPhone got high marks — despite the PR swamp of “Antennagate.” Though there may be some dissatisfied customers out there (and we know this to be true, based on the reader feedback here at TiP — Yes, we do read your comments!), it looks like the overwhelming majority of iPhone 4 users are pretty ecstatic about their device.

University of Michigan also released its American Customer Satisfaction Index recently, and it put Apple at the top of the heap in customer satisfaction as well. It won the honor for the seventh year in a row.

All this lovin’ is enough to make an Apple blush, no? But then again, even though the gear is happymaking, the service that comes with it certainly doesn’t seem to be.

In another survey, J.D. Power polled people about the quality of their cell calls. Verizon topped the list, and AT&T… well, it came in dead last everywhere except in two regions of the country.

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