Win7 Tablet Holds Its Own Against IPad

The news in regards to Windows 7 Tablets have been mainly negative for a while. The courier was canceled, and a lot of people thought that Microsoft was giving up. Now, despite claims that Windows 7 is just too bulky for a tablet, we get this video of the Hanvon Slate running Windows 7 (below).

I have to admit, this Win7 Tablet not only seems to be hold its own against the iPad, but in some ways it excels over the iPad’s standards. For example, it seems to be faster, in terms of loading YouTube. Also this tablet has a built-in webcam, optical mouse pad, USB ports and MicroSD card slot. Of course the iPad has its perks, like the App Store and iTunes.

I’m going to leave this up to you. Which one do you think it more user friendly, practical, and aesthetically pleasing? We would be glad to here from you in the comment section below.

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