Rumor Verizon’s IPhone BETTER Than The IPhone 4

This is some of the best news I have heard all week. One of DVICE’s sources claims to have seen and “played” with the changing prototypes of Verizon’s iPhone over the past few months.

And apparently the latest version is shaping up to be the iPhone you never had. In fact, he says it now has some new perks that would make anyone switch to Big Red, even if they weren’t planning to already.

One of the new features is reportedly the antenna design. It will now be safely tucked away inside the iPhone’s casing, thanks to Verizon’s insistence, so no more “Antennagate”! (I find it surprising that Apple would have to be prompted to change this, even after all the hoopla about the iPhone 4’s reception, but that’s beside the point.)

The source goes on to say that the handset will also sport a new, more rugged exterior and that the device may even be constructed from the new alloy licensed to Apple by LiquidMetal. But that’s not all. It gets even better for Verizon customers.

This CDMA iPhone will supposedly have a larger screen than the iPhone 4, likely the same size as the Droid 2 (3.7 inches). It will probably have a Retina Display, but that still seems to be in question.

If all this wasn’t enough, how about a faster processor, at 1.2GHz? Not only would this new iPhone be faster than the current iPhone 4, but users would get to enjoy all that with a carrier that has better 3G coverage and fewer dropped calls.

Sure, you may not be able to do simultaneous voice and data (except when Wifi is on), but truth is, there are plenty of iPhone 4 users right now who would love to just be able to place a simple phone call. This would be a huge step up.

It’s worth noting that all this comes from an anonymous source, so we’ve got to take it with a grain of salt. We won’t know for sure until Verizon or Apple makes it official.

But if we’re talking about speculation anyway, let me add something to this: Where the heck is the white iPhone 4? If any of these details pan out, could the rumored Apple smartphone possibly offer all this AND the missing white version too?

That thought is almost too exciting. If you waited for the iPhone 4 like I did, then we may have some really good choices in store for us.

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