IPod Touch Killer Archos 32, Good Things Come In Small Packages

Archos, the French tablet maker, was probably the first to make an Android powered tablet, but their reviews have always been mixed. This time Archos is taking aim at the iPod Touch with a 3.2 inch device.

Does this tablet have the stuff to compete with the iPod, and truly be an “iPod Killer,” or is there no more room in this market? Here are some details to consider.

The Archos 32 has a 3.2 inch screen, which is slightly smaller than the iPod’s current screen. It also offers a GPS, WiFi, a kickstand, and a DVR dock with 720p output. There is no word on what version of Android it will run, but Archos tablets in the past have never had anything higher than Android 1.6, so this device could have the same.

As for memory, nothing is for sure. One rumor says it only has 8GB, matching the entry-level iPod Touch, but it could be more. There is also nothing on release date or pricing yet, but the original Archos 32 leak specified that the device cost a cool $149, which is significantly lower than the iPod Touch.

It appears that the Android 32 has the potential to be an alternative to an iPod Touch, great for those Apple-free families, but we’ll have to wait and see.

It looks like the decision on whether or not this is an iPod killer will have to wait until it is officially released. Until then, we can only speculate.

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