IPod Touch: Apple Sticking To Tradition With Sept Event?

Apple Sticking To Tradition With Sept Event

There have been plenty of exciting rumors about the upcoming iPod Touch, all of them good so far. There have been reports of two cameras, a retina display, and even that the iPod will take after the shape of the iPhone 4. There has also been a rumor that Apple would unveil its new product sometime in August. Well it looks like that last one has been debunked.

According to the Wall Street Journal’s All Things Digital, Apple will likely schedule a mid-September date, with the event “definitely happening.” I cannot say this isn’t disappointing, but what else would we expect from Apple than to keep it in the same timeframe they’ve maintained for past Touch announcements? I mean, why break tradition, right?

Apple Sticking To Tradition With Sept Event

Last year, the media event was September 9th and the invitations were sent out the 31st of August — plenty of time for the media to book airplane tickets, etc. If anything was happening mid-August, invitations would be here by now.

When it does happen, company watchers, pundits, and anyone else with a close tie to Apple are all in agreement that the Cupertino company will refresh its iPod Touch and iPod Nano, show off a new iTV, and possibly even announce the cloud-based iTunes everybody has been waiting for.

(That last one would let you stream your music and media instead of storing it on the device.) And for all we know, Apple could have even more announcements up its sleeve.

We figure, with all the rumors and all, that the main spotlight of the event will be, of course, the iPod Touch. One of the biggest rumors surrounding this product stems from MacRumors.

The site reports that an iPhone parts supplier sent photos of what appears to be the LCD and bezel of the upcoming iPod Touch. Immediately highlighted in the picture is a hole in the front, sized just right for a front-facing camera. That would line up perfectly with the email-based Facetime that is said to be in a future release of iOS 4.

If that wasn’t enough, tech blogger John Gruber, who has close ties to Apple, referenced an upcoming iPod Touch in an article about the new Dell Streak. He seems pretty sure that one is coming, suggesting that users might as well wait for the new Touch, which would be a far better choice.

What does this mean for you? Good things may come to those who wait. If you have been holding off on buying an iPod Touch, like I have, the time seems to be almost upon us.

If you couldn’t bring yourself to buy a last-generation product, but don’t know how much longer you can go, be strong. For now, it looks like we will just have to be patient for a bit longer. I suppose the anticipation will make it all the more exciting when it happens.

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