It’s only been maybe 2 months since the iPhone 4 was released, and yet, Apple can’t seem to just kick back and take it easy for once. A new report has come in that Apple has already set its sights on the new, magical, revolutionary feature it wants to add to its next iteration of the iPhone.

Apple has reportedly hired NFC expert Benjamin Vigier to get started on implementing this new technology into the iPhone 5/4G. NFC is a pretty simple yet amazing technology and stands for Near Field Communication.

It’s basically like your own little key to the world, so to speak. It can be used to make payments at a store or tolls, unlock the door to your house or car, check-in for your flight or hotel room, and if needed, could even be used to identify you.

Im pretty sure there are many many more uses for NFC that I could hardly begin to list them all (plus I don’t know much about it yet, shhh).

This is yet another reason why the iPhone sets the curve for other manufacturers. Apple gets this really cool technology and finds out how it can be used to the consumers advantage and makes it seem so new and revolutionary.

It won’t matter if other manufacturers beat Apple to the chase. I’m pretty sure everyone will be looking forwards to see how Apple will be using it on the iPhone, ultimately setting the bar for other manufacturers.

Here’s looking forward to next year’s iPhone announcement with maybe a bit too much excitement.

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