White IPhone 4 DIY Kit Available

Can’t wait to order a white version of the iPhone 4? If you’re comfortable taking apart and reassembling hardware, there’s a kit for sale that will let you allow you to give your black device a makeover.

Sure you can pick up the components separately at CNN.cn, but all that will cost you $480+. But why do that when you can hit WhiteiPhone4Now for a pre-packaged deal for $229? It includes:

  • Retina Display
  • Front Panel
  • Back Cover
  • Home Button
  • Digitizer (for touch functionality)
  • Front Panel Support Frame

Few more things to note: First, the kit ships for free in the U.S. (But international orders are accepted.) Second, the site has a link to an iFixit tutorial for disassembling the phone and putting together the parts. Third, if you’d rather not muck with all this, you can pay BrokeMyiPhone.com an additional $54 to put it together for you.

I guess the last alternative is to just wait for the white handset to be available from Apple. The last official news on reported that the device will be available in mid to late July. There have been some rumors, though, that the ship date might be pushed to August.

If that’s the case, I could see some impatient end users snagging this kit. Of course, they’d have to have deep pockets. $229 is more than the cost of a new 16GB on contract.

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