Recently, a friend asked me what the big deal was about the white iPhone 4. After all, the white version of the 3GS didn’t inspire as much salivating and desire as this version seems to.

Let me answer this, not with words, but via photo:


I hope that answers some questions. If not, then a Japanese blog called Impress Watch may be able to shed more light on this. It got its hands on a white iPhone 4, unboxed it and now offers a whole lotta pics for your coveting pleasure.

Of course, if you can’t wait for this version to come out, you could always hit a white iPhone DIY kit and create your own from components. (And if you do, you’ve GOTTA show off your work by letting us know how that turns out!)

The white iPhone 4 theories

But back to the original question: What is the big deal about the white handset?

There are some intriguing theories. Blogger Brandon Davenport, from believes Apple may have artificially created demand by holding back the white version. So that would be like the forbidden fruit syndrome: Tell people they can’t have it (yet), and they’ll want it more.

Then there’s the prediction that the white iPhone will arrive on the scene with the signal issues fixed.

There’s a growing suspicion that Apple knew about the reception problems of the external antenna beforehand. Given that the company wanted to include as many sales into Q2 2010 as it could, however, it released the black iPhone 4s in June anyway — fully intending to address the issue in later white models and a second wave of improved black handsets.

This might jibe with Apple’s official line citing manufacturing issues that delayed the white version. And given that the Cupertino waived its iPhone restocking fee, this could wind up panning out.

A related, but somewhat different spin on the white iPhone situation comes from Davenport again: In what amounts to a very intriguing theory, he believes Apple held back the white device so it could throw extra resources toward building iPhone 4s for a second carrier. In fact, he says Apple may have stopped production on it for the time being, so it could gear up for the production of these new units. The destination? Verizon.

In fact, there’s been gossip that a CDMA iPhone already exists — it’s supposedly just waiting for Big Red to ink the deal. And Bloomberg says the mythological, but possibly already manufactured device could drop as soon as January.

Chasing down info on the white iPhone 4 is like going down the white rabbit hole — the deeper you go, the “curiouser” things get.

So how many of you are waiting for the white model or planning to trade your current black ones for it? Will you hold off until the signal issues have definitely been fixed? Or are you sticking to your black iPhone? Let us know in the comments.

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