Apple’s Tiny New Touchscreen

Apple’s new touchscreen, only 3cm by 3cm

To be honest, no one knows what this is for, but Taiwanese site has just posted some shots of what appears to be a tiny Apple-branded touchscreen panel with dimensions of 3cm by 3cm(1.18 in by 1.18 in).

Given the site’s track record with previous Apple component leaks (like the white iPhone 4 and the unibody MacBook Pro enclosure), there’s reason to take this seriously. But we’re puzzled by what it is for. Could it be an iPod Touch Nano? Or, is it a new addition to the Apple family? Has Jobs taken after LG, and created an iWatch? It looks like only time will tell.

Apple’s Tiny New Touch
You can see the Apple branding on the cable

Do you have any ideas what this is for? Let us know in the comments below.

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