T-Mobile/AT&T Micro SIM For IPhone 4

I bet if we did a poll to find out how many of our readers were upset at the iPhone 4’s usage of a Micro SIM instead of the standard sized card there’d be a huge number.

With all three previous generations of the phone many people bought the device, unlocked it/jail broke it and carried on using their existing T-mobile SIM. With the iPhone 4 it’s a little bit tricky since your standard SIM will not fit in the tiny tray.

When the iPad was released there were a huge array of tutorials on how to cut your internet SIM card to fit the right size, but this would then leave you without the option to use it again in a device with a standard sized slot.

In reaction to this problem “Cut My SIM” was designed, manufactured and sold out. The first 500 flew off the virtual shelves. The tool, made completely from stainless steel, perfectly cuts your GSM card to fit in to a Micro sized tray.

Not only that, but it also comes with a useful “special SIM card holder” so you can carry on using it in a standard device as well. Now, I know this is no new thing, and it’s not breaking news, but it felt like a very useful time to let all our T-mobile readers know, this is a possible route for you, without having to use the ever unreliable AT&T network.

According to the company’s own web site it is “a cutter that consists of twelve stainless steel parts and doesn’t allow you to cut your card wrongly. It cuts any normal standard sim card (12*25mm) to a micro sim (12*15mm)”.

“Cut My SIM” is available from the online store, where you can pre-order it now for $25. For any of our international readers, hit the “Cut My SIM” link below and select your appropriate store.

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