Permanent Customizations For Your IDevice

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There are a thousand ways to make your iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad your own on the inside, with apps and music that fit your own style. And there are equally as many ways to do so on the outside with accessories and cases. However, there are some personalizations that last forever.

When it comes to doing anything permanent to your device, the choice is big. You can’t be all wishy-washy when it comes to this. (There is no changing back later.)

Did you know that there’s a service that will colorize your device permanently? Colorware isn’t a new company (it’s been around since 2000), but those who are familiar with it usually think of the service more for colorizing their Alienware laptops for gaming or smaller component pieces.

But Colorware does different computers, monitors, ereaders, gaming handhelds and mobile devices — which of course includes the iPhone 3GS and now the iPad.

Permanent Customizations For Your IDevice

Permanent Customizations

See that? Customers can even hit the home button and logo. The service slaps a scratch-resistant polymer coating on (in a choice of 46 custom color options). If you’re even thinking about this, know that you’ll need some deep pockets: Customizing an iPad costs $400, and $175 for an iPhone 3GS. That’s practically the cost of the devices brand new!

Customizations For Your IDevice

There’s another less expensive (and subtler) alternative for personalizing an Apple gadget, and it’s available to new customers at the time of purchase.

Engraving is free when you buy from Apple’s website. You enter up to two lines of text to be approved by Apple. (“Approved”? So much for freedom of speech. What happened to the First Amendment?)

Not everyone gets their device engraved — actually, there are many people who refuse to do it, since it can limit re-sale value on eBay or Craigslist. But the service has been around for what seems like forever, and it’s still here, so some people must be doing it, right?

So here comes the question (well, actually there are three): Did you engrave yours? If so, with what text? And what’s the funniest engraving you’ve seen yet, whether online or on a pal’s iGadget? (The one pictured here gave me a chuckle.)

Know of other permanent customizations offered by companies? Let us know by commenting below!

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