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Flappy Bird making $50k a day from ads

If you’ve ever played Flappy Bird you know that the game is a very simple concept, yet can be the most frustrating game you’ve ever played in your life. You’ve also probably noticed that during nearly every game you play, there is an ad banner at the top of the screen. Of course, these ads are placed to help the developer since the game is a free…

No new iPhones or iPads are causing dips in Foxconn revenue

With a lack of new product announcements so far this year from Apple, its manufacturing partner, Foxconn, is beginning to feel it. According to some recently released numbers, sales are down this year so far 12.6%, causing it to rethink its reliance on Apple. Last year, out of Foxconn’s total $100 billion revenue, Apple accounted for an astounding 60%….

App Store continues to have more revenue than Google Play Store

While Android continues to increase in numbers, one thing is staying relatively the same: the App Store generates more revenue for developers. This is a large reason as to why many developers go to iOS first instead of Android or another platform. At Google I/O, Google announced that it has near the same number, if not more apps in its Google Play Store…