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Contract-free iPhones get heavy discounts on Virgin

Virgin Mobile is currently offering contract-free iPhones at exceptionally low prices. The Sprint subsidiary is selling the phones locked to the Virgin/Sprint network. The iPhone 5s 16GB can now be bought for just $384.99! The 32GB 5S will set you back $455, and the 64GB version will cost $525. As you can imagine these are absolutely fantastic deals….

Henge Docks Gravitas – Possibly the most solid, useful and universal iPhone and iPad dock on the market – Hands On [CU Exposed 2014]

At CU Exposed this year there were a great many solutions to common iPhone user frustrations. One of which, although surprising, is the quest to find a great, solid universal dock. Don’t get me wrong, there are some nice docks out there like Twelve South’s HiRise for iPad mini/iPhone and the Belkin Express Dock, but neither provides me with a solid enough…

Build your first iPhone app [Code Tutorial]

Building iPhone apps is something that almost everyone wants to be able to do these days. Something that is traditionally the “first” app that you write when learning a new programming language is known by many as a “Hello World!” application, or something along those lines. Well, if you are looking to get a start in programming for iOS, or have no…

Apple opting out of megapixel battle with 2014 iPhones, says new report

Sources familiar with the matter have told AppleInsider that Apple will forego a higher megapixel camera in its 2014 iPhone offerings and will instead focus on other ways to improve image quality. This corroborates with what we have heard before and suggests again that megapixels are less important to Apple than overall image quality. In a research…

Best photo editing apps: Mextures, VSCO Cam, Over and more!

Smartphones have come a long way since their early days with their grainy cameras and the washed out images they produced. Apple, in particularly, has prided itself on the camera performance of its mobile devices and the iPhone is one of the most popular cameras out there, with some great camera apps to make taking pictures even better. Whether…

Mophie’s Space Pack for iPhone 5/5s gives you extra battery power and storage in one case – Hands On [CU Exposed 2014]

Mophie’s well-known for its battery packs and cases. In fact, if you were to think of battery cases for iPhone, its name would be among the first on your mind. Earlier this year, the company announced a brand new product called Space Pack. Like the Juice Pack it adds some extra battery power to your iPhone, but also gives you extra storage capacity….

“Bulletproof” iPhone and iPad Holy Grail screen protector’s claims put to the test [video]

I’ve reviewed and used many screen protectors over the past couple of years. None of them claimed to be bulletproof, but some do claim to use the same technology used in bulletproof glass. Still, I’ve not once tried to put those protective claims to the test. The worst I’ve done is try and wreck the Otterbox Armor case (or getting my daughter to try)….

What a bigger iPhone would mean for developers

Rumors of a bigger iPhone have been around almost since after the original was announced back in 2007. While we got a bumped screen size with the iPhone 5 to the now standard 4-inch Retina display, there are rumors that the iPhone could get even bigger, with as big a display as 5.7-inch (which I don’t see happening). If you remember before the iPhone 5 was…