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iOS 8 provides quick access to apps on lock screen based on location

At yesterday’s keynote, Apple announced several new features and improvements for iOS 8 and gave us a glimpse at some other features that are set to be included in the next version of Apple’s mobile operating system. One feature that wasn’t given any airtime is iOS 8′s ability to display an app on the lock screen based on the user’s location….

20 unannounced iOS 8 features from today’s WWDC keynote

The team at Apple clearly had a lot to get through in the company’s 2 hour WWDC keynote earlier today. Tim Cook and Co. sped through updates to their software platforms and spat out feature after feature. With so much information coming thick and fast, certain things don’t get much or any attention. Thankfully, Apple includes the above slide in…

iOS 8 and OS X betas are available for developers now

  Apple’s WWDC keynote ended not too long ago but betas of the new iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite are already available to download for registered developers. Beta 1 of both iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite can be downloaded now from their respective Dev Centers. The new versions of the Mac and mobile operating systems feature a number of new features and…

iCloud Drive Introduced for OS X, iOS

At WWDC, Apple introduced a new feature across both OS X and iOS: iCloud Drive. Acting as a file system in the cloud, iCloud Drive continues the simplicity of file storage in the cloud but adds in a familiar interface on the desktop. Now, in Finder on OS X Yosemite, you can create folders in iCloud as well as upload any kind of file that you wish….

Tim Cook Opens WWDC, Introduces New ‘Dev’ Session

In typical Apple fashion, Apple began their WWDC Keynote by talking about their latest stats and figures. This is the 25th WWDC, a notable milestone that Tim Cook remarked would involve a very memorable event. As a developer conference, Tim Cook announced that there are now 9 million registered Apple developers. Most remarkable is that this number…