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iPhone 5 and Galaxy S III tied in North American data usage

Earlier this week, we reported that iOS 6 accounted for 83% of iOS-based web traffic in North America. Today we’ve got some insight into how Apple’s data traffic stands up to the competition. When the numbers are broken down, Apple’s iPhone 5 and Samsung’s Galaxy S III both account for about 6.5% of all smartphone data usage in North America. These…

iPhone users still driving almost half of all mobile web traffic

For the past several years, iPhone users have been driving a huge chunk of mobile web traffic. Despite Android’s rapid growth and marked increases in market share, the iPhone still accounts for 46% of all mobile web traffic. 43% of this traffic belongs to the first five generations of iPhone, while the iPhone 5 accounts for 3%. • iPhone 5: 3…

Foxconn CEO says iPhone 5 will put Galaxy S III to shame

The CEO of Foxconn, Apple’s main iOS device manufacturer, is making headlines today for some interesting remarks regarding the iPhone 5. While at Hon Hai Precision’s annual meeting of shareholders, CEO Terry Gou went on record saying that customers should abstain from buying Samsung’s Galaxy S III and instead wait for Apple’s next-gen iPhone….

Apple looking to ban Samsung Galaxy S3 in the U.S.

Samsung has just unveiled an awesome new smartphone, the Galaxy S III, so naturally Apple has just unveiled a not-so-awesome lawsuit against Samsung. According to the Cupertino-based iPhone maker, the Galaxy S III infringes upon two Apple patents – U.S. Patent Nos. 8,086,604 and No. 5,946,647. The first has to do with “unified search,” while the…

Samsung Galaxy S III rumors prove Apple has real competition

No one stirs up interest like Apple. The secret: staying silent and building fantastic products. Until Cupertino is ready, no one announces anything. It’s why we have rumors flying around all over the place before an iPhone or iPad launch. The secrecy drives all of us insane and the curiosity compels us to go searching for the latest tasty speculation….