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Ofcom reveals outcome of UK 4G spectrum auction

News from across the pond now. Ofcom has just announced the results of the UK’s 4G spectrum auction. For those of you that don’t know, Ofcom is the independent regulator of the UK’s communication industry, and its their job to oversee the distribution of our shiny new 4G network. The UK’s main operators bid for their preferred chunk of the network, and the…

iPhone 5 landing on UK’s first 4G LTE carrier, EE

Everything Everywhere, the company that formed as a direct result of T-mobile and Orange’s merger in the UK announced today that it would be launching as the UK’s first 4G LTE network under the brand name EE. I’m not sure if it’s pronounced as two separate E’s, or if it’s more phonetic. I guess time will tell on that one. That’s beside the point….

4G rolling out in the UK in time for the next iPhone’s launch?

Ofcom, the UK’s governing body for all things communication (think of it as our FCC), has ruled favorably on¬†Everything Everywhere’s¬†proposal to launch fourth generation network services as early as September 11th. At one point it looked as though we Brits would be forced to wait until at least 2013/14 before we saw any movement. Thankfully, OfCom…