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Rumor: New iPhone 5 render “confirms” 19-pin port

One thing that we all know Apple loves is its ecosystem. Both in terms of software and hardware. Heck, a lot of people have said that if it wasn’t for the ecosystem that has been so incredibly engineered, then they would have switch to another OS. I think that is a big testament to how seamlessly all Apple products work together, both iOS and Mac alike….

If you could only have one Apple product, which one would you choose?

Apple is famous, in part, for the fabulous ecosystem it has created. Between iTunes, Mac OS X and iOS, the various Apple-branded products on the market work seamlessly with one another… which is why so many people have more than one. Personally I am the proud owner of an iPad 2, and iPhone 4 and a MacBook Pro. I love all of my Apple gadgets and use…