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Envious of the Galaxy S5′s “Band-Aid” look? Get the “bandage” look for iPhone with Loop’s Mummy case [Review]

If you’ve seen the Galaxy S5′s Band-Aid look, and secretly want your iPhone to have the same First Aid style design ethos, you could be in luck. Loop Attachment Co.’s Mummy Case wraps your iPhone in silicone, designed to look like bandages. Its material make-up isn’t complicated. It’s all made from one material: A flexible, soft-touch silicone. It…

Mophie’s Space Pack for iPhone 5/5s gives you extra battery power and storage in one case – Hands On [CU Exposed 2014]

Mophie’s well-known for its battery packs and cases. In fact, if you were to think of battery cases for iPhone, its name would be among the first on your mind. Earlier this year, the company announced a brand new product called Space Pack. Like the Juice Pack it adds some extra battery power to your iPhone, but also gives you extra storage capacity….

Pelican ProGear case for iPhone 5/5s – Slim, bulk-free protection [Review]

This past week I’ve been using the Pelican ProGear for iPhone 5/5s as my case, and overall, I’m fairly pleased. It’s solid, protective and relatively slim. It uses the usual combination of hard polycarbonate and a softer, more flexible material. It’s great for every day bumps and scrapes, but it’s not perfect. You can buy the ProGear case from…

Incipio and AT&T launch Cashwrap, the NFC-enabled case for iPhone

Earlier this week we read a couple of reports stating that Incipio was finally set to launch its Cashwrap case for iPhone. The case essentially turns your iPhone in to a NFC-capable contactless payment system. It couples with the ISIS mobile payment app and can be used anywhere with compatible POS systems. The Cashwrap is available online from today….