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If Apple was doomed and iPhone didn’t exist, which smartphone platform would you be using? [poll]

I’ve been thinking a lot about iPhone’s impact on the market recently. Some of it was spurred by all the recent talk surrounding Kane’s “Haunted Empire” book, and the pre-disposition the author had towards Apple’s inevitable failure. All in all, it seems to be another “Apple is doomed” article, printed on more pages, with more words, inside a cover….

Meet Tado – Nest Thermostat’s less attractive, but intelligent European alternative – Eyes On [CU Exposed 2014]

Thermostat Here in the UK, or in Europe in general, we don’t have Nest. (Unless you count some of the Spanish natives who import it). For whatever reason, whether it’s because they can’t figure out the EU heating systems or because it’s difficult to re-engineer it, it hasn’t made its way yet. Instead, what we do have may not look like much, but it is…

Jimmy Fallon and Billy Joel create doo-wop music using an iPad

Last night, Jimmy Fallon and Billy Joel came together to create doo-wop music on an iPad! Jimmy Fallon produced an iPad Air during his interview with Billy Joel. Together they used a looping app to create a four-part harmony, singing the song “The Lion Sleeps Tonight”. Adding layer after the layer, the two produced fantastic version of the song, with the…

Contract-free iPhones get heavy discounts on Virgin

Virgin Mobile is currently offering contract-free iPhones at exceptionally low prices. The Sprint subsidiary is selling the phones locked to the Virgin/Sprint network. The iPhone 5s 16GB can now be bought for just $384.99! The 32GB 5S will set you back $455, and the 64GB version will cost $525. As you can imagine these are absolutely fantastic deals….

Elgato’s EyeTV W gives you TV access on your iDevice without using any of your data – Hands On [CU Exposed 2014]

Last year at CU Exposed I checked out the EyeTV receiver for iPad and iPhone. It was great, but it had a flaw: It was 30-pin only, and thanks to Apple’s strict and expensive authorisation process, the Lightning version was delayed until the summer. This year, the EyeTV with Lightning connector was on show, and it wasn’t the model that caught my eye….

Tim Cook listed in Fortune’s World’s Greatest Leaders

Apple CEO Tim Cook has today been listed amongst the current Pope, Bill Clinton and the Dalai Lama in the Fortune list of the World’s Greatest Leaders. Pope Francis Grabbed the top spot, but Cook was listed at number 33, ahead of Susan Wojcicki (Youtube CEO), but behind Jeff Bezo of Amazon, and Jack Ma of Alibaba. Following Steve Jobs has arguably been…

Starbucks app gets iOS 7 update and new features

Starbucks has today updated its iOS app. Version 3.0 brings with it a fresh new designed that mimics the cleaner look of iOS 7. The new design can be found throughout the app, as well as in the apps icon, which has also received an update. Alongside the fantastic new interface comes some really cool new features. The first of these is Digital Tipping….

Eddy Cue: new post-Steve Jobs book about Apple contains inaccuracies

‘Haunted Empire’ by Yukari Kane is a brand new book out about the post-Steve Jobs era at Apple. The first reviews of the book are rolling out now, and unfortunately for Kane, the interviews are not necessarily positive. Although stories about Apple are always fascinating, especially in the post-Steve Jobs era in which a lot of the business behind Apple…