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Gon App Review: A simple, good-looking physics game

Gon is a simple, delightfully designed, physics based game with a decent amount of character to help separate it from the plethora of iOS games on the App Store.  Gons are a species of cute, round, furry characters from another time and space. The Gons’ time travelling device malfunctioned and they ended up somewhere at the beginning of all time….

Apple to raise App Store prices in 7 selected regions

Price rises in terms of anything isn’t something that’s usually welcomed by consumers – in fact, it’s not. But what can you exactly do when it’s a major player in the field of technology like Apple who’s announced such plans? Nothing. Yes, I said it  - Apple’s planning to increase the retail prices of apps in the App Store for several different regions….

How To: Create an App Store Wish List in iOS 7

Need a way to keep track of all the iOS apps you want to get but either can’t afford or don’t have the storage space to download right now? Luckily for you, iOS 7 brought the App Store a built-in Wish List feature for just this purpose. Here’s how to create and begin using the App Store Wish List in iOS 7: 1. Open the App Store. 2. Find the app you…

Reuters: Microsoft Office for iPad and iPhone “ready for release”

Forgive me for picking this up late, but there was understandably little excitement when yet another rumor of Microsoft Office coming to iOS very soon. Ever since The Daily (remember that?) leaked an image of Office running on an iPad a couple of years back, we’ve been hearing that the Windows-makers are close to launching its popular word-processor on to…

iTunes Festival app gets iOS 7 make over and SXSW information

Apple has been working towards updating everything it operates recently to give it an iOS 7 look and feel, and today that expansion continued with the iTunes Festival app. The app was given the iOS 7 update, as well as adding new information on the Festival at SXSW which is taking place next week, from March 11-15 in Austin, Texas. As noted by…