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Apple is removing third-party Reddit clients over NSFW content

UPDATE: It appears Apple is adding the apps back into the App Store after developers are removing their NSFW toggles. In a larger Reddit thread, there have been multiple reports of third-party Reddit clients being removed due to NSFW content. According to Apple, these apps violate clause 18.2 which states that apps that display “user generated…

Company that broke into iPhone 5c used in San Bernardino, says it’s ‘optimistic’ about iPhone 6

The company that assisted the FBI in unlocking the iPhone 5c used in the San Bernardino case (Cellebrite) is now saying that it may possibly get into an iPhone 6 as well. According to CNN, Italian architect Leonardo Fabbretti met with the company last week after his sone passed away from bone cancer. 13-year-old Dama Fabbretti had added his father’s…

DoJ will continue with NY case, despite FBI method not working

The FBI case in San Bernardino over an iPhone 5c may be ‘over’, but that doesn’t stop other cases from proceeding. According to Bloomberg, the United States Department of Justice will continue with the New York case and will demand Apple to unlock the iPhone 5s used in the alleged drug dealer case. The U.S. government is pressing a demand that Apple Inc….