About Us

Thanks to the enormous popularity of the iPhone OS, owners of Apple’s iDevices (iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad) aren’t easy to classify. They come in different flavors; the rock singer who uses music apps, the kid brother with a knack for jailbreaking, and the neighbor who organizes her family with productivity apps. They are moms, musicians, photographers, business people, students and everyone in between.

So TodaysiPhone.com was created with these users in mind. We offer news, views, apps, accessories, giveaways with a fun, savvy lifestyle-oriented bent; by iOS users FOR users, both experienced and newbie. Our goal is to curate the most interesting or useful information for the everyday user, delivered by a team of fellow iPhone enthusiasts, including:


Cam Bunton, Managing Editor. A film school graduate from the University of Cumbria, UK, Cam’s past life was in mobile phone retail. His passion for cell phones got him in to that industry, and then in to this one. Except now he doesn’t have to deal with awkward customers.  A family man with two kids, he somehow manages to balance his TiP duties with family life and a runaway Twitter addiction. He covers news mostly, but often dabbles in other areas when the mood strikes. To contact him with any interesting apps to review, news, leaks or questions, email TiPEditor@todaysiphone.com.

Jake Rosati, Associate Editor. Jake is the guy that stops at every cell phone store he sees – much to his friends’ dismay. A proud owner of an iPhone 4, which he has affectionately named Burton, he is also a student at Fordham University where he studies film. Follow him on Twitter.

Jennifer Beese, Writer. Jennifer is a former sorority girl turned geek, writer, and mobile app enthusiast. When she’s not covering social media news for Sprout Insights, she can be found downloading, reorganizing, and reviewing iPhone apps. Jennifer is passionate about social media, mobile, and kinesiology; she literally has a skeleton in her closet. Follow her on Twitter (http://twitter.com/bottlethecrazy).

Daniel Rohm, Vlogger. Daniel covers the TiPs & Tricks beat for Today’s iPhone. From shortcuts to tweaks, he’s been helping people with their Apple handsets since the site’s inception. He’s also branched out to help cover the vast area of apps and accessories.


Stephen Warwick, News Editor – Once a BlackBerry die hard, now an Apple fanboy. Stephen has a passion for all things historical, and tech related. Granted, the two don’t mix so well, but he’s a proper nerd, which is probably why he gets on so well with Cam. For some reason, people don’t always take him seriously, but he strenuously denies this has anything to do with his ridiculous hair.

Kyle Frost, News Editor & Reviewer – Kyle Frost first found his love for technology (and Apple) in the second generation iPod nano. One thing that always draws him back to Apple is its unique and clean designs. Being someone that always has to learn how things work, he took up iOS developing in 2009, a year after Apple opened the platform to 3rd parties. Currently he owns around 10 Apple devices, 5 of which are iOS. Follow him on Twitter @TiP_Kyle.

Matt Sholly, Jailbreak Vlogger – Matt’s the resident jailbreak nut on TiP. His passion for tech and video-making got him noticed by Cam on his own personal tech-based YouTube channel. Keep in touch with him on twitter: @homemadegeek