Apple introduces new video app called Clips


Earlier today, Apple introduced its new app called Clips. The app serves as a fun way for users to create expressive videos quickly. It allows users to combine photos, music, and video clips into a new video they can share with their friends through the Messages app, Facebook, Instagram, and several other social media networks.

One of the exciting features to look forward on Clips is Live Titles, which allows users to create animated titles and captions with just their voice. The caption is automatically generated as you speak and appear on your screen. Currently, Live Titles supports a total of 36 languages.

Clips brings these videos to life by giving its users to add in fun effects such as speech bubbles, full-screen animated posters, shapes, and comic book filters.

Since the app is easy to use, anyone can easily create videos with just a few taps on their screen. There is no need to make use of complicated editing tools, timelines or other tracks. All you need to do is to touch your screen and hold the button to start recording a live video or photo. You can also add one from the Photo Library.

Your next job is to spruce up your video by adding filters, shapes, emoji, or speech bubbles. There’s also the option to add animated backgrounds and text that you can easily customize. Since there are already a number of music soundtracks available in the app, you can easily choose one that will match the video you are creating.

As of now, Clips has not yet been released for the public. It is set to make its debut on the App Store in April. When it launches, the app will be compatible with iPhone 5s and later devices, iPod touch 6th generation, new 9.7-inch iPad, iPad mini 2 and later, and all iPad Air and iPad Pro models running on iOS 10.3 or higher.

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