You can now have your AirPods custom painted to a color of your choice


You can now have your AirPods customized to a color of your choice. Earlier today, ColorWare announced that they are already accepting orders to customize AirPods. Prior to this announcement, you can only get the AirPods in a stock white color; which is the same as everyone else who owns a pair. ColorWare has changed this notion by introducing the idea of custom painting these earphones. You can choose from the 58 different color options they have available on their website. Their options include solid colors and metallics that you can think of. There’s also a “Jet Black” color available to go with the Jet Black iPhone 7 or 7 Plus.

The catch, however, is the price. When you buy the AirPods at stock design, you’ll only have to pay $159 for it. When you have it customized with a color of your choice, you’ll be adding $130 on top of that amount. This means you’ll have to pay a total of $289 for a pair of AirPods. You can also throw in an extra $30 to have accompanying AirPod Charging Case painted in the color you selected.

Before painting your AirPods, ColorWare makes sure that they have carefully disassembled the earphones. Each component will then be custom painted according to the user’s preference. This means that they really mean business and are cautious about each procedure that goes into customizing the paint on the AirPods. You’ll also have to wait around six weeks before your custom painted AirPods can arrive.

Since $319 is not a small amount, ColorWare lets you see paint samples so you can check out the colors before a final order is placed. Three paint samples will cost you $15.

The total amount of the AirPods also comes with a 12-month guarantee. If you get additional warranty, you can extend that to a total of 24 months. They also accept returns for the first 30 days but may be subject to a restocking fee of 25 percent.

Apart from custom paint jobs on the AirPods, ColorWare accepts orders on other Apple products like the iMac and MacBook computers. This can also be done on other accessories like the Magic Mouse 2 and Magic Keyboard, as well as other devices and headphones.


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