Apple’s new memo says iPhones with third-party screen repairs don’t void warranty


Earlier today, Apple distributed an internal memo pertaining to the warranty coverage on the screens of iPhone devices. According to the memo, devices that have undergone screen repair by a third-party may qualify for warranty coverage. The coverage, however, does not extend to devices whose display screens have been the main issue. Prior to this announcement, iPhones were not eligible for authorized repairs under warranty if they had a third-party display.

If you have an iPhone with a third-party display, you may bring your device to an Apple Store or an Apple Authorized service provider for inspection. Once it has been inspected against fraud or tampering, the broken part may be replaced or the device swapped according to the in-warranty pricing provided by Apple. This though does not cover devices that have a display issue.

The announcement shares that the warranty of the iPhone in question should still be valid within its coverage period. This means that the establishments will only honor iPhones covered by the standard 1-year manufacturer’s warranty offered by Apple or through AppleCare extended coverage.

If the device is no longer covered by the warranty, you will be given an option to pay the flat rate out-of-warranty pricing imposed by Apple. This is also applicable to devices that require repair on a display-related issue. In the event that the out-of-warranty pricing is declined, Apple Authorized service providers will not be responsible for providing service.

Other conditions have been imposed on the internal memo. You may read these on the link to learn more about getting assistance for an iPhone that requires repair.


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