macOS 10.12.2 fixes an issue causing Time Machine backups and large data transfers to crash the new MacBook Pro


Along with a slew of other issues new MacBook Pro customers are having, macOS 10.12.2 will fix an issue where large data transfers or Time Machine Backups would crash the machine. Whether it was via an external hard drive or SSD, it would cause the machine to crash when connected via Thunderbolt 3 port.

The news comes in form of a response a MacRumors Forums member allegedly received from Craig Federighi. The Apple exec apologized for the inconvenience and confirmed that the issue has been fixed in the latest build of macOS 10.12.2 which was seeded to developers and public beta testers on Monday.

The email has yet to be confirmed though there’d be little reason to believe that the email was faked. However, the issue seems to be fixed regardless.

The email reads:

Hi David,
Sorry for the inconvenience!
We we have indeed fixed this issue in the latest Sierra public beta (10.12.2, available at


– craig

Federighi didn’t go into great detail on what was going on or how it was fixed but it’s likely a USB/Thunderbolt 3 driver update that may have fixed the issue.

Regardless, macOS 10.12.2 will be a free update to the public when it arrives later this month. For now, users who are experiencing the issue can either wait for the public release or update to the beta.

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