iOS 10.2 beta 2 adds new ‘TV’ app to discover video content


At Apple’s ‘hello again’ event on October 27, the company announced a new “TV” app that is designed to serve as a modern TV guide, helping users discover new movies and TV shows, as well as blend all of your video apps into one. The TV app is able to work between multiple devices which include iOS devices and Apple TV 4. The new app is available in beta in the iOS 10.2 beta.

The new TV app works alongside features such as Siri Live Tune-In and Single Sign-On, simplifying your video viewing experience.

In addition to the Library section, which houses all of your purchased content on iTunes, the app has a “Watch Now” section which offers a collection of movies and TV shows from iTunes and other video applications that a user has installed on an Apple TV or iOS device.

An Up Next feature keeps track of movies and TV shows across various apps and devices and allows you to continue where you left off, regardless of device. It also features a list of curated and trending TV shows and movies.

A store section lets users purchase content from iTunes or form other sources like HBO. The section also lets users sign into their TV provider for additional content.

As per Apple’s release notes, the TV app isn’t fully functional as of yet and does not appear to be available on the tvOS 10.1 beta just yet. Appel says the TV app will be available to the public in December.

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