Apple has begun its App Store purge, almost 50K apps removed last month


Last September, Apple announced that they will be cleaning up the App Store of any problematic and abandoned apps. It looks like Apple is keeping true to its word as there have been reports of apps being removed from the App Store. According to reports, the number of apps removed from the App Store has drastically increased to 238 percent in just the previous month alone.

Research firm Sensor Tower has gathered data that reveals about 47,300 apps were removed from the App Store in October alone. This number has increased more than the usual by around 3.4 times over the average per month number before the purge started. According to the data gathered, most of the apps that were removed were games, which accounted for 28 percent of the purge.

Out of the number, there was no clear indication of the percentage of apps that didn’t meet the guidelines as well as apps that were abandoned. Moreover, Apple did not divulge what an “abandoned” app, except that these were likely for apps that did not support Apple’s latest iOS releases and hardware. Recently, Apple advised developers to remove their apps that they were no longer updating.

When Apple made the announcement that they were removing apps from the App Store, they gave out warnings to app developers. Additionally, they had a 30-day grace period for developers to be able to submit updates to old apps so that these would not be removed by mistake. Apple’s reasoning behind the purge was because they wanted to help users avoid dealing with apps that didn’t follow Apple’s guidelines or out-of-date apps that would not be able to give the user an enjoyable experience.

Despite the fact that Apple had 50,000 app removals in October, it looks like the number of submitted apps surpass this number as it gets 100,000 submissions a week. Apple currently maintains more than 2 million apps on its App Store.

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