[Review] iQunix Edin MacBook stand


As someone who keeps a MacBook Pro connected to a Thunderbolt Display for a desktop setup, MacBook stands have been on my radar for awhile. Before trying the iQunix Edin stand, I’ve been resting my MacBook below my raised Thunderbolt Display. That’s been okay, but the MacBook Pro would get in the way of storing my keyboard underneath the display. When iQunix offered for me to try their Edin stand for MacBooks, I was eager to find out if I could welcome it into my life.


Since iQuinix’s packaging resembles Apple’s packaging at a glance, expectations are set high from the beginning. After sliding off the tight white outer sleeve, a more unique black box is found with iridescent branding on every side but the bottom. This box opens to reveal the Edin stand, with a sleek presentation aided by the box’s platform-esque bottom piece.

Materials & Construction


If the packaging wasn’t enough, iQunix uses bead blasted aluminum with light gray silicone padding to match Apple’s iMac aesthetic. If you’re looking to buy a matching stand for your Space Gray MacBook, you’ll have to look elsewhere. However, it blends right in with a MacBook Pro connected to a Thunderbolt Display. A knurled thumbscrew tightens on what is essentially one half of a clamp, which can be adjusted to fit all of Apple’s MacBook offerings.

In Use


Setup is no problem: loosen the thumbscrew, lay your MacBook on its edge, adjust the Edin to the proper width, and tighten the thumbscrew. I found it easy to set the Edin to a width that securely holds my MacBook Pro, while it’s still a soft enough grip to pull the MacBook Pro out of the grip of the Edin’s silicone padding, which protects from aluminum on aluminum scratches. A generous amount of silicone padding on the bottom also keeps the stand stable, and keeps a nice buffer between the desk and the aluminum base.


For a MacBook Pro with fan ventilation, I prefer to lay the MacBook hinge up, which gives access to all ports while giving a clear pathway for air to travel through the hinge vents. I would lay a standard MacBook hinge down to give the stand a thicker point to grip, and to orient the Apple logo properly.


If you’re on the hunt for a MacBook stand, you know what you’re getting from the iQunix Edin: a reliable, well made, adjustable stand that matches Apple’s iMac aesthetic. You’ll still have to manually manage your cables, and you’ll have to lay your MacBook the long way to keep access to all of your ports (and possibly keep your MacBook safe from breaking), but it’s hard to beat the price and quality of the Edin if you’re okay with those minor compromises. The iQunix Edin is currently available on Amazon for $39.99.

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