Review: Logitech BASE for iPad Pro

Logitech BASE 5BASE from Logitech is the first accessory to take advantage of the iPad Pro’s Smart Connector for charging the iPad itself.

Compatible with both the 12.9- and 9.7-inch models, the $99.99 stand is a simple, solid stand made of brushed aluminum that draws heavily from Apple’s trademark finish and takes advantage of the iPad Pro’s magnets to align and dock the device for charging — there’s no need to fiddle with inserting the Lightning cable or have the cable hang awkwardly from the side of the device while docked. Instead, the BASE itself is powered via a Lightning port on the rear.

In the looks department, BASE is a delight. It sits on any desk or nightstand with style and will match your other Apple kit perfectly (in fact, it looks almost exactly like the foot of Apple’s own iMac). In terms of build, it’s also top notch. The magnetic connection is perfect, one handed undocking is a breeze thanks to the weightiness of the BASE and a grippy rubber layer under its foot.

The stylish curve of the stand supports the iPad in a single position. While it looks great, it is not adjustable. The viewing angle it provides is ideal for media consumption or for glancing at a document — useful for using your iPad as a second screen — but does not comfortably allow for working solely on the iPad itself in my opinion. Typing on the screen is not at all good at this angle and, when connected to a Bluetooth keyboard, the viewing angle is just too upright to be comfortable.

Logitech BASE 1

Since using the BASE, I have found it to be my ideal way to charge my iPad Pro. With iPads having such lengthy battery life, I often forget to plug them in to charge and, when it comes to using them, discover low battery. With BASE, I’ve been able to simply place my iPad in its dock after use and know that it will be charged and ready next time I pick it up.

The real question is how much you want to pay for this utility. At $99.99, you’re paying for the novel charging mechanism, ease of use and build quality but getting little in the way of adjustability. If the viewing angle suits and you want an easy way to charge your iPad, BASE is a great choice. However, there are cheaper alternatives that offer more varied viewing angles that may be more useful, but won’t wow you with the ease of Smart Connector charging.

BASE is available from Logitech for $99.99 in the US store or £89.99 in the UK store, or from the Apple online store.

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