Review: Tracking your time anywhere with Hours 2.0

Hours 2.0

For those with a salary position, you typically are just worried about doing an honest day’s work. But whether you’re trying to do 40 hours for a single employer, a consultant clocking time with a client, or a freelancer trying to work on multiple client projects, you need a good way to track your time each day. Hours from Tapity has does this well since July 2014. Their app has been a great way to clock in from your iPhone or Apple Watch. Now, with Hours 2.0, they’ve expanded the app and service, not only bringing it to more users but also adding support for teams.

Hours 2.0 timer

Their app has been a very straightforward one since the beginning. You create Projects under Clients. Projects can have specific tasks, and you can have multiple Projects per Client. So, whether you’re working for multiple clients during the day, or changing your tasks during the day, you can easily track your time. Want to start a timer? Just tap on the clock icon on the right side. Starting a new timer stops any other one, so you won’t have to worry about accidentally double billing your time.

While you can easily start and stop your timers in the iOS app, Tapity made sure to take advantage of new platforms and avenues. So, you can just as easily start a timer from Notification Center or on your Apple Watch.

Timer Screen

New in Hours 2.0, you can now also manage your timers on their new website. Create a free account either in-app or online, and you’re all synced up. So, if you start your timer in the morning on your Apple Watch while settling in at your desk, you can remember to clock out or change timers right on your computer as you work. This also means that, even if you don’t have an iPhone, you can sign up on the web and manage your timers there.

While the iPhone app is very similar from the previous version, users with an iPhone 6s will appreciate the new 3D Touch shortcut. You can now easily start tracking your time right from the home screen.

Hours 2.0 Team Dashboard

The other big improvement is support for teams. Now, it’s possible to manage a team of individuals. Each can manage their own time and projects, but the team admin can now easily see the time being spent by their employees. And because users can manage their time in the browser, users can now use Android or other platforms and still use Hours via the mobile web app.

Hours 2.Reports Screen

Even if you don’t work on a team, a Pro account will give you access to reports. You can easily see where you are spending your time, as well as share any of the reports with anyone. A shareable link can be generated that’ll let you email your time report to your manager, supervisor, or anyone else that needs it.

I’ve been an Hours user since they launched in 2014. As a consultant, this app has been the best way for me to clock in every day and track my time. It’s easily let me see areas where I might have banked some time earlier in the week and can thus end my work day an hour or two shorter on Friday. This has been very valuable to me.

At present, I work 100% remotely. However, should I ever need to work onsite with a client, I know that I’ll be able to not only start and stop my time from any device with an internet connection, but I can easily share a report of my time with my manager or supervisor.

While I’ve had the chance to work with Hours 2.0 for the past couple of days, there is only so much that can be said in a written review. The best way to experience the new features is by doing so yourself. Check out Hours 2.0 on the App Store or visit and sign up. It’s free for individuals that just want to track time anywhere. If you want the Pro features, including reports and data visualizations, it’s $8/month. Teams wanting to set up and manage accounts for users with full report access are $8 per month per user.  Users signing up for a free account get to try the Pro features for 30 days. If you do any sort of time tracking during the day, definitely give this a try!

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  • Alex Vince

    Based on what you have shown here Josh, Hours 2.0 seems to be a good time tracking app. I will try this tool during the weekend and if it impresses me, I am in for it. Hope they have a Free Trial…

    I will probably use it to keep track of my personal time, as this is where I think I need to improve. You know, sometimes I spend a lot of my personal time working, which makes my wife think that I am an idiot :) But I am surely not and I am sure I can streamline my personal time too.

    I am not majorly concerned about my official time, as we have a great tool in office that takes care of everything for us. When I say everything, I mean projects, tasks, time, expenses, billable hours, lead management and many more. Its Vorex and here’s the link if you guys want to check it out: