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Universes are colliding! Time itself seems to have shattered, and it’s up to you to help contain the broken shards. This is how you’ll be introduced to Star Trek Timelines, a brand new game for iOS and Android. Developed by Disruptor Beam, Star Trek Timelines is described as a Social Strategy RPG. It brings new, exciting storytelling in the Star Trek universe and 3D, cinematic style ship-to-ship combat to the mobile device for the first time.

Star Trek Timelines puts you in the captain’s seat of your own ship. Because of the merging of multiple time periods, you’ll be able to assemble a crew spanning all eras of the Star Trek universe. If you’ve always wanted a Kirk/Riker/Dax dream team, here’s your chance. Your crew will help you solve away missions or provide skills useful in ship-to-ship combat. With each successful mission, you move one step closer to leading a faction to victory. Perhaps you’re in the middle of a fight between the Klingon empire and the genetically modified Augments. Who will be victorious? That’s for you to decide.

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The game itself is a free-to-play game. Therefore, you can earn new crew members, items to upgrade your crew, and new ship parts by either playing through missions, spending in game currency, or buying Dilithium crystals with in-app purchases. The game play itself doesn’t require you to purchase items to progress. If you want to quickly customize your experience with either a more powerful ship or higher quality crew, though, you’ll need to spend a few bucks.

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That all said, what you do have access to in this game is a good selection of crew and ships from across all of the Star Trek ‘Prime Universe’. (That is, everything created before J.J. Abram’s movies.) This not only leads to interesting missions and storylines, but also gives you the freedom to build a crew of your favorite characters. Each character has up to three skills that they are useful in from a larger selection of available skills: diplomacy, security, engineering, science, medicine, or command. For instance, Spock can obviously be used for science but he lacks medical and engineering abilities.

These skills are used in two ways. First, on away missions, a branching storyline requires you to have certain skills to advance. Thus, to succeed at away missions, you need to choose an away team that covers all of the various requirements you’ll meet along the way.

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Ship-to-ship combat uses both the stats of your ship as well as the characters you have assigned to available character slots. Each character contributes to your ship’s overall abilities. During combat, you can use their abilities to add attack power, help with defending your ship, restoring shields, or other actions and special abilities that you may find along the way.

While you can keep playing without replaying a mission, there’s an incentive for doing so: missions can have special items that you can only acquire if you play through them again. This not only can give you the items needed to upgrade your crew, but it also lets you gain more experience points that level up both your crew and yourself. As you level up as a player, you gain access to more game functions.

I had the privilege of beta testing this game for the past few weeks. While, in my opinion, some of the best Star Trek games were made many years ago, this is the best I’ve seen on iOS yet. Hopefully, this is a start of a new wave of Star Trek apps and games, bringing these experiences into the hands of more fans.

Star Trek Timelines is available for free on the App Store starting today.  Disruptor Beam will be providing updates and new features for Timelines, with planned additions including more characters, more starships, new game features, and special in-game events for players.

For more information, you can check out Disruptor Beam at their website.

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