The TiP Weekly: Apple on ’60 Minutes,’ iTunes movie sale, product reviews, and more!

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Welcome to The TiP Weekly, where we summarize the week’s news and suggest some of our favorite apps, podcasts, albums, and more! We hope you’ve been enjoying the holidays, and this is a great post to catch up on what’s been happening in the world of Apple while you’ve been busy.

Top Stories

Apple gives 60 Minutes a peak into their design lab, executive meetings, new retail store prototype, and more

Charlie Rose Angela Ahrendts apple store CBS 60 minutes

In a rare feature on some of the internal details of Apple, various Apple executives showed Charlie Rose of 60 Minutes around their domains within Apple. For example, Angela Ahrendts gave a tour of Apple’s prototype Apple Store of the future, and Jony Ive demonstrated how the design team goes about designing some aspects of their products. While diehard Apple fans may already expect most of what’s discussed, it will still be especially interesting for those who would like to see a little more of how things work at Apple.

Lots of movies on iTunes are currently on sale

iTunes store

In the spirit of the holiday season, the iTunes Store is selling quite a few movies at discounted prices. Several movie bundles are on sale, and other movies are available at $9.99, $7.99, and $4.99. Some standout movies include The LEGO Movie and Anchorman. Bundles include The James Bond Collection, The Dark Knight Trilogy, and Star Wars: The Digital Movie Collection. The sale is still active as of today, so head over to iTunes and see what you might be interested in buying!

Links of Note

Facebook now supports Live Photos

Apple has made select early 2008 to late 2009 Macs obsolete

Lawsuit against Apple for undelivered text messages after porting away from iPhone now dismissed

ANKR: A multi-purpose tracking device [Review]

Notability: A powerful, yet simple note-taking app [Review]

TiP Gift Guide: Erik’s 5 Apple product accessories for under $100

Review: HOCO’s Third-Party Hermès knock-off band for Apple Watch

More rumors of high definition audio coming to iTunes, possibly Apple Music

New 4-inch iPhone coming in April according to China Mobile roadmap

 Pick of the Week


Erik Nordlund: Bite Size Tech is a short podcast by Matt Birchler, in which he highlights what he considers to be the most important tech news of the week. He also offers his commentary, which helps to provide some perspective on the topics he brings up. Episodes tend to run between 5 and 15 minutes, which makes the podcast a great way to hear a selection of tech news (that is wider than Apple).

Listen to Bite Size Tech on iTunes, or on your favorite podcast client.


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