TiP Gift Guide: Erik’s 5 Apple product accessories for under $100


Now that Christmas is here, you’re likely to be done with buying gifts for others. That doesn’t mean you can’t buy yourself something to go with your (possibly new) Apple products! The products I’ve selected are meant to be good accessories for Apple products that you may have received as a gift this holiday season.

Studio Neat Walnut Stand for Apple TV Siri Remote- $10

If you got the new Apple TV for the holidays, you might be interested in Studio Neat’s Walnut Stand for the Apple TV remote. Each stand is CNC carved out of a single piece of walnut, with a micro-suction pad on the bottom to stabilize the stand. Many people worry about losing Apple’s $79 Siri Remote, so a nice remote stand could be just what people are looking for so they’ll always know where they put their remotes.

Penom Milanese Loop (Black and Stainless) – $25.69 to $28.99

Apple’s Milanese Loop band looks nice, but it’s also kind of pricey at $150, and it only comes in stainless steel. With Penom’s Milanese Loop band, you can save some money and get a matching black band if you have a Space Black or Space Gray Apple Watch. Be aware that the black finish is known to wear as the mesh rubs against itself, which is said to be why Apple hasn’t made a Space Black Milanese Loop of their own. At such a relatively low price, it might be worth it to bring the band out for special occasions if not for just buying a new one after the finish wears off.

Anker PowerPort 5 – $23.99

If you’re a frequent traveller, you might value the ability to bring a multi-port charging hub along with you. The PowerPort 5 by Anker provides 5 USB ports to most likely charge all of your mobile devices. Anker’s IQ charging will provide up to 2.8A per port, which is more than Apple’s iPad charger. That means that devices will charge as fast as is safe. The long power cable on the PowerPort 5 makes the charging hub great for hotels or other rooms that have few outlets, in inconvenient places.

iDevices Outdoor Switch – $79

As one of a family of HomeKit compatible products, the iDevices Outdoor Switch offers some utility that’s particularly relevant for this time of the year. The Outdoor Switch has two outlets, and is sealed to protect the internals from weather conditions. The iDevices Connected app ensures that you can control the Outdoor Switch from anywhere, and just like other HomeKit products, the switch can be controlled with Siri (remotely if you own an Apple TV).

Raise iTunes gift cards – $10+

While it might seem odd to recommend gift cards as an accessory to Apple products, Raise is an app that offers gift cards for discounted prices. iTunes gift cards are almost always available for at least 10% off. Those gift cards can be used for anything your Apple ID usually pays for, including iCloud and Apple Music subscriptions, iOS apps, and Mac apps. The app will not send you a physical iTunes gift card, but it will give you the redemption code after the transaction processes.

Last minute gift?

If you’re an Amazon Prime member on the hunt for a last minute gift, you should know about Amazon’s Prime Now app. If you’re fortunate enough to live in an area supported by Prime Now, you can have a variety of products delivered to you by Amazon in two hours for free (on orders of at least $30).

Here’s wishing you happy holidays! What accessory would you recommend for Apple products? Let us know in the comments!

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