Review: Danny P. leather Wallet Case for iPhone

Danny P Leather Wallet Case 1Our iPhones are as much fashion statements as they are utilities. Jony Ive and Co. sweat each and every design detail to give you the best balance of form and function. But for so many people, their iPhone ends up in a bulky, cheap or poorly made case that adds nothing to the design and in some instances detracts from the phone’s capabilities.

Creating premium leather bags, wallets and laptop sleeves, New York-based Danny P. knows a little about walking the line between style and substance. The company’s Wallet Case for iPhone 6 and 6s is a piece of sleek and sophisticated protection for your device that aims to combine your two most-frequently-reached-for items into one.

Danny P Leather Wallet Case 2From the moment your Danny P. Wallet Case arrives, you get the impression this is a premium offering. The packaging, an unassuming brown card box with minimal branding and custom wax seal, gives off an air of luxury and that continues through the unboxing experience and presentation of the product itself, neatly folded away in brown paper. First impressions mean for a lot, and Danny P. certainly makes it count.

This feeling of luxury extends to the product itself. Made of genuine Italian leather, it looks, feels and smells incredible. My unit, the dark “tobacco” brown version (also available in “cognac” brown and blue and matte black), from the outside looks like a fashionable, if atypically proportioned, bi-fold wallet. Open it up and you’ll see a slot on the right for your iPhone with 5 card slots on the adjacent side. Behind lies a larger pocket for you cash notes.

Danny P Leather Wallet Case 2 (copy)

There’s a soft, microfiber lining on the inside of the iPhone pouch which both protects and helps clean your iPhone. It’s a snug first for the iPhone 6 (which will be even more close for comfort for the marginally thicker iPhone 6s) but this slot does loosen somewhat over time as the leather ages. At first, it can be difficult pulling out your iPhone due to the tautness of the leather, but with extended use it becomes easier.

Being genuine leather, the case only looks better over time as it picks up scuffs, stains and wrinkles. Over my months of ownership, my Wallet Case has gradually formed to the shape of my thigh and taken on some color from my dark jeans, but these only serve to show a well-loved product.

Danny P Leather Wallet Case 4As far as iPhone protection goes, the Wallet Case provides an ample amount. It’s thick enough to take some impact and covers practically the whole device in the event of a drop. With 5 cards and some cash in situ, the whole package does become rather heavy and bulky and I’d only really recommend placing 2 or 3 cards in the case to avoid it becoming unpocketable.

Thankfully, Danny P.’s leather Wallet Case plays nice with Apple Pay. There’s a purposeful cutout around the home button enabling easy access to the Touch ID sensor and preventing the user from having to remove the phone when using Apple’s digital payment system. In my testing, Apple Pay works flawlessly through the case — I just had to make sure to rest the case on the NFC terminal instead of simply hovering it over. Unfortunately, being concealed by the case, you don’t get the onscreen option to change your payment card or the visual feedback that your transaction has gone through successfully.

Danny P Leather Wallet Case 3This express support for Apple Pay may eventually be the Wallet Case’s downfall. As more institutions (and locations around the world) adopt Apple Pay, and as more loyalty cards become available in the iOS Wallet app, we may find less of a need to carry physical cash and cards. If our phones eventually become our wallets, will we need a wallet case?

Overall, the leather Wallet Case from Danny P. is clearly a considered and well constructed accessory that balances form and function admirably. It won’t be for everyone, with prices around $129, but if you find yourself reaching for your wallet and iPhone every morning, it might well be one of the best ways to combine the two.

You can purchase the Wallet Case at Danny P.’s webstore or on Amazon.

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